Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

I would like to issue a challenge to the more liberal readers of my humble blog. In reacting to the SCOTUS ruling disallowing the execution of teen murderers it's easy to say "Oh, it is so barbaric to execute children" and not get specific. So, here is my challenge: among those who could have benefited from yesterday's ruling is Lee Boyd Malvo, the DC Sniper, who terrorized this nation, and who personally pulled the trigger in the sniper killings of ten people. Malvo actually received life in prison, but his crimes qualified him for the death penalty. For the sake of my challenge let's assume Malvo received the death penalty and that as a result of yesterday's ruling his death sentence has now been commuted. I would like any supporter of yesterday's ruling to go into specifics as to why a murderer like Malvo should not be eligible for the death penalty just because he was under 18 when his crimes were certainly "mature" in nature. The way I see it, this argument is easily won when you speak in abstract, but this challenge asks for specifics. I wait with baited breath.


P.S. There is no prize for this challenge unless you are a good looking single lady, and in that case dinner is on me.
“Lee Boyd Malvo's childhood was dominated by poverty and uncertainty.”
That is how the BBC’s profile of Malvo begins. It goes on to note that his father abandoned the family when he was very young and he spent most of his life seeking a replacement father figure. The person he found, unfortunately, turned out to be John Muhammed.
No one believes for a moment that Malvo would have took part in these killings without the influence of Muhammed. His defense counsel insists that he was brainwashed, though this has yet to be determined. He was certainly a malleable youth seeking approval and acceptance from Muhammed.
I don’t believe it is accurate that Malvo personally pulled the trigger in the sniper killings of ten people. Muhammed was the 15-year military veteran. Who do you think did most of the shooting?
Malvo certainly needs to be separated from society and punished for his participation in these horrific crimes. But the one who clearly “deserves” the death penalty in this case is Muhammed - although as an opponent of the death penalty I would argue that even he should be spared execution and receive life without parole instead.
The American Bar Association also makes a case for sparing Malvo here.
Wow, what an excellent example of the essence of liberalism. Mike wants us to spare Malvo because we should feel sorry for him. He had a hard life, he had no father and therefore he isn't totally responsible for his own actions. In fact, you and I are to blame in some ways. I find it pretty condescending that the left thinks poor people somehow aren't as repsonsible for their actions as others just because they are poor. I am still not convinced, and since I know you are not a pretty, single lady Mike, "No soup for you!"
Get over your illusions AC Commando.Most of the young single "good looking" chicks I know are reading "Vogue". Right now. Even as we speak.... ;)!!!

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