Monday, March 28, 2005


Reading between the (head)lines

So, I'm eating dinner and today's SAEN front page is lying there and just glancing at it, the headlines and subheadlines are so categorically biased that I cannot but call your attention to it.

"End-of-Life Crises 16 Years Apart" - "end-of-life", as if Terri Schiavo has reached the end of her natural life, rather than undergoing judicial execution via starvation. 13 days now...may God have mercy on her soul.

"No Holiday for Schiavo Activists" - Get it? Those religious fundamentalists don't even respect their own Holy Days. They're still out there wasting their time trying to save her life...on Easter! Such hypocrites!

"Protesters refuse to yield despite family's plea to tone it down" - Since the family has been rendered unthreatening with all of their judicial options denied, we can now afford to stop demonizing them for trying to keep their daughter alive. We can move to Act Two, where the tragic family members try to help us fight off the bloodthirsty theocrats who refuse to go away and just forget Terri is being murdered.

"DeLay's family faced similar pain" - "similar"...except, of course, that Schiavo was (still is) breathing on her own and simply cannot feed herself, whereas DeLay's father was on a ventilator and he expired almost immediately when it was removed. Terri Schiavo has been without food and water now for 13 days...she is still alive.

[Quoting DeLay's mother]: "Tom knew, we all knew, his father wouldn't have wanted to live that way." - In other words, even though the two situations are not at all comparable, DeLay is a vile hypocrite - REDISTRICTING FIEND! - who allowed his father to die - REDISTRICTING FIEND!! - a decent death which he now denies - REDISTRICTING FIEND! - to poor Terri Schiavo, who we all think should die. And, oh, did you know Tom DeLay used to be an exterminator? Ho ho ho!

"Appraisal cap bill is causing a big fuss - Some say it'll mean tax relief, but others say it'll cause nothing but grief." - Interesting juxtaposition of fact and conjecture. There is no doubt that the appraisal cap bill will mean tax relief. That's simple mathematics, so why the "some say"? Whoever doesn't say it will mean tax relief is a fool or a liar. "Others say" it'll cause nothing but grief. Sure - for power hungry local politicos who will have less of a tax slush fund for their pet projects.

"Protest in Iraq turns deadly" - We're sick and tired of the continuing stream of good news from Iraq. We've tried relegating it to page A15 every day. But now, something happened bad, so whoopee! we get to splash it on the front page! One person was killed in a wage reduction protest. One. Person. With all due respect to that one person, can you imagine how many thousands of violent events occurred around the world yesterday with a higher death toll than - one?

Seven for seven in biased headlines, Express-News, and that's just above the fold on the front page!
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