Sunday, March 06, 2005


The SAEN as "Dr. No"

John Leo of US News & World Report has an interview with the MSM, whom he calls "Dr. No. The opening question and answer sum up sentiments expressed about the SAEN on this site almost daily:
Dr. No, you have achieved superstar status in a very competitive field--negativity and pessimism. How have you achieved that, Doctor?

The way I see it, every silver lining contains a new cloud. You just have to look for it. Maybe you noticed that right after the Iraqi elections, when most people were euphoric, half the reporters in New York and Washington started waving around a 1967 news clipping, headlined "U.S. Encouraged by Vietnam Vote, Officials Cite 83 pct. Turnout Despite Vietcong Terror." It was all over the Internet, too. That was me. It was a twofer--deflating optimism and comparing Iraq to Vietnam, always a trump card in my profession. I also got Teddy Kennedy to demand an exit strategy right on the eve of the voting. When optimism threatens to break out, I usually look for Ted.

A funny, but sad, commentary on the MSM in this country (hat tip: Powerline).
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