Monday, March 21, 2005


SAEN Covers For UN

On today's front page the SAEN has a report headlined "Major reforms proposed for U.N." I saw this and said, wonderful, I can't wait to read about it. Let's see, the first paragraph tells me that Kofi Annan has called for the most sweeping changes in the UN's history; so far, so good. Let's see, the second paragraph tells me that his reforms include changing the Human Rights Commission, expanding the Security Council, and adopting a new definition of terrorism. Okay, so far so good. Some of these changes are a little late, but let's play along for a second. Of course it's Monday, and we are all in a hurry, so we see that the story is continued on page 6A, but we have to get to work so we don't turn to the rest of the story. Besides, the SAEN already told me what all about the reforms in the second paragraph of the story right? Dear readers, you couldn't be more wrong about that.

You see, the SAEN has cleverly hidden the most insidious reform of all back on page 6A, in the 23rd paragraph of a 24 paragraph story. Kofi and Company want to confiscate 0.7% of our GDP for the UN to spend on "promoting democracy." This tax will only apply to "developing countries" and according to Fox News it will increase our payments to the UN by 300%. The SAEN buried what is the most important item to Americans, and it's readers, at the end of the article where few will read it, why? How infuriating is that? You see, the editors of the SAEN support this proposal, but they know that you, my readers and their readers, are not intelligent enough to make the right decision about this issue. So they buried it; pretended it wasn't there, and hoped nobody would notice. Well, I did, and now you know.

Note to Kofi and Company: the United States is already promoting democracy around the world, something you have opposed, and we are doing quite well without you thank you very much. Of course, Kofi did not submit the reform most needed at the UN, his resignation.
No sweat, Commando: we'll just apply the expenditures we've made on Iraq to our tab and the UN will still owe us money for years, even at 0.7% GDP ;-)

Do you even know how much we currently pay in dues for United Nations peacekeeping operations? Most people don't have any idea and when they find out they are surprised by how little it is.
And here I thought you would be supportive of the U.N. focusing its efforts on "democracy promotion." Do you think that is not a worthy task? I can assure you that it is a lot cheaper for U.S. taxpayers to subsidize U.N. democracy promotion efforts than it would be to do it all by ourself.
I am hurt by how dumb you think I am. I can't tell you the exact amount to the dollar, but the US pays around $300 million a year to the UN's operating budget. In addition, we have to pay 30% of the Peacekeeping budget which is almost another billion (or over $30 billion in the last decade) a year. And yes, I think that money could be better spent on more important things like a toaster that won't burn my toast, or working on a cure for cancer.

What, exactly, does the UN do to promote democracy? I suspect that any UN democracy programs would be as ineffectual as the peacekeeping missions. All the peacekeepers are good for is standing around watching as genocides proceed without interference, and impregnating little girl refugees, as has happened in most of their areas of operation. Except in East Timor, where the peacekeepers were after little boys.
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