Wednesday, March 30, 2005


SAEN Editorial Board On Schiavo Case

The SAEN editorial board doesn't even try to hide it's liberalism in today's lead editorial about the Schiavo case. They hold a particular disdain for those who tried to keep her alive:
It is a tragedy compounded by the arrogance of those who think they should have a greater say in the case than her own husband, even though his wishes to allow Schiavo to die were upheld by court after court.

But should Michael Schiavo still be allowed to act in his wife's interest? As columnist Jonathan Gurwitz points out today, Michael Schiavo is hardly the loving husband the SAEN is making him out to be:
Bigamy is illegal in Florida, as in the other 49 states. If Michael Schiavo's common-law wife, with whom he has two children, were last week to have fallen into a coma, he could legally have been empowered as the spousal guardian of two women simultaneously. Just a thought for the law-is-always-right crowd.

Michael Schiavo has the legal right to make a life-and-death determination for Terri. There is ample reason to question whether he should make that decision.

The editorial goes on to categorize Congressional action regarding Terri as an "intrusion":
The danger of federal intrusion into these matters is that, once again, officials will politicize the tragedy, forgetting the human beings behind the symbols.

Arrogant, huh? So I guess all us Christians who want Terri to live because we feel that life is a gift from our Creator are nothing more than "arrogant." I could be wrong, but it sounds like the SAEN editorial board dislikes Christians. In addition, they fail to tell you that Congress was well within the enumerated powers granted it by the constitution to act on Terri's behalf, as I mentioned in an earlier post:
The judicial Power of the Unites States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.

Finally, the editorial also does not mention that Congress was asked by Terri's parents to intervene in what they saw as judicial malfeasance. In the end though, the editorial board is going to get what it wants; Terri is going to die. She is going to die even though there is no proof she wants to die, even though her husband is living with another women with whom he has two children, and even though her parents have agreed to take on the responsibility for her care.

Update: In response to several reader e-mails, let me set the record straight. No, I do not think the SAEN is anti-Christian, but I do believe their choice of words was unfortunate.
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