Wednesday, March 02, 2005


SAEN Feigns Horror

The SAEN is upset because SAPD used the paper's classified ads to run a prostitution sting. The paper has attacked the problem head on with an article Tuesday, another today, and an editorial today as well. Among the questions being asked by the SAEN is: "And should authorities purchase ads from unsuspecting newspapers to facilitate those arrest." That couldn't be more absurd. The very existence of "Adult Entertainment" ads in the paper suggest the SAEN is not "unsuspecting" as the article claims. If the SAEN doesn't want to be used by the police then why not just get rid of the "Adult Entertainment" ads in the classified section? Today's editorial asks: "In short, surely the San Antonio Police Department has better things to do with its time." Fine, fair enough, and surely the SAEN has better ways to make ad revenue than by openly promoting prostitution. The SAEN can donate all the money it wants to local charities, but actions speak louder than words, and as long as they continue to allow ads for prostitution, with all the accompanying crimes associated with it, to appear in the paper then the SAEN is hurting the community it claims to serve.
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