Saturday, March 12, 2005


SAEN: Mocking the tsunami victims

It's OK for George Carlin to pretend that an unending stream of obscenities constitutes comedy. It's OK for people to pay money to listen to his foul-mouthed inanity. It's even OK for the SAEN to write a review of his appearance last night in San Antonio.

But, in that review, is it really necessary to mock the victims of the recent tsunami disaster?
It's no secret he roots for entropy and natural disasters as self-described nature's cheerleader.

Carlin prays for tornadoes, hurricanes, famines
Perhaps Carlin can take his new act to Indonesia and cheerlead, make that pray there...for natural disasters. Stop it, George, you're killing me!

Where on earth was the SAEN editor, to say to Mr. Saldana, "Um, Hector, it's only a few paragraphs describing a 70-minute set. Are you sure you can't mention someone else he insulted?"
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