Friday, March 25, 2005


SAEN to cancel El-Kikhia column as "propaganda"??

I thought I would never see the day when the SAEN would admit that giving editorial space to a raving anti-Semite such as Mansour El-Kikhia was not providing "balance", but rather inflicting propaganda on its readers.
Balance is a watchword in journalism. In reporting the news, the media's goal is to present competing views of contentious issues. In commenting about the news, editorial pages seek diverse viewpoints.

Sometimes, however, the commitment to achieve balance can conflict with an even greater obligation to report truthfully and keep commentary within the bounds of reasonably established facts...

Propaganda can no more balance history than lies can balance the truth.
Oh, wait a turns out SAEN is just talking about C-SPAN's presentation of a vile Holocaust denier.

"Never mind."

After all, from what is said, El-Kikhia is merely a 9/11 denier*, not a Holocaust denier.

* We challenge anyone, in particular the SAEN editorial board, to confront El-Kikhia and ask him, point blank, whether or not he believes "the Jews" were responsible for 9/11.
You don't know what you are talking about. People like you are dangerous. You spread hate and misinformation and lies without worrying about the consequences of what you do.
People like you are dangerous.

Well, perhaps you and your oppressive friend Bob Rivard can stifle my dissent, in the name of "safety".

C'mon, Mansour, we know that's you. Instead of furtively commenting as "anonymous", why not have the guts to tell us whether or not you believe "the Jews" are behind 9/11? Weren't there thousands of them who didn't show up for work that day, and all that Arab conspiro-bullshit?
Welcome Dr. El-Kikhia!
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