Sunday, March 13, 2005


Typical SAEN Liberalism

Today's column by Mike Greenberg is about the homeless in San Antonio. Mike's sentiments highlight the essence of liberalism over at the SAEN. I am a conservative and I believe the way to help the homeless is to...wait for it...get them off the streets; help them help themselves. Here is Mike's suggestion:
But the best design solution for the people living under the bridge might be to let them live there and accommodate their needs with communal showers and toilets, secure lockers for their possessions, tables and benches for meals.

No offense Mike, but that suggestion falls just short of insane; boiling down to not helping the homeless, but making the street more like a home for them. And it is no coincidence that this article is about the homeless. As the SAEN tells us elsewhere, tougher ordinances regulating the homeless go into effect Wednesday:
Beginning Wednesday, the Police Department will enforce the new ordinances, which target aggressive panhandling and behaviors typically associated with the homeless, such as sleeping and urinating in public areas.

And in another example of typical liberalism over at the SAEN, the report characterizes the new ordinances as "persecution":
"Instead of persecuting the homeless they should help them," said John Rorrer, a 42-year-old homeless man who said he just wants a job. "They need to have a better solution rather than picking on (the homeless)."

Among the new ordinances is one that bans urinating or defecating in the streets. And this is persecution how? Of course, the big story here is that unrinating in public hasn't been banned all along, but that discussion is for another time. So my advice is that if you have not sat down to read the Sunday Express-News, be sure you have plenty of tissues when you do because City officials are busy persecuting the homeless in your name, right Mike?
And this article is a good exercise in bias detection. It interviews a half dozen different homeless people (who says their voices are never heard!?), and a number of homeless shelter operators. Guess who is missing? Why, the people for whom the laws were passed - the downtown businessmen whose customers have been driven away...the tourist who is accosted by aggressive panhandlers while trying to enjoy our city. THESE are the voices that are not heard - certainly not in this article.

If the SAEN wants to discuss the fairness of these laws, then don't we deserve to hear both sides?
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