Monday, March 07, 2005


Unworthy Even Of The SAEN

Okay, I am starting to notice a pattern here. The SAEN avoids good news in the war on terror if at all possible, and if a former detainee in an American prison wants to make outrageous and unproven claims against out troops the SAEN will print it. And now comes this (page 8A)in today's paper, under the headline "Did GIs fire intentionally?":
Left-wing journalist Giuliana Sgrena claimed American soldiers gave no warning before they opened fire and said Sunday she couldn't rule out that they intentionally shot at the car taking her to the Baghdad airport, wounding her and killing the Italian agent who'd just won her freedom after a month in captivity.

Is the SAEN insane? How can they justify printing that type of allegation against U.S. Troops? Apart from having no basis in fact, none whatsoever, anyone who is being intellectually honest with themselves knows that American troops try harder than any other country's soldiers to minimize non-combatant casualties, often at greater risk to their own lives. So why fire on an Italian reporter, left-wing or not? It is only Monday, but I see a front-runner for the "Outrage of the Week" already. Any maybe, just maybe, this space could have been put to better use?
There you go again, kicking the messenger because you don’t like the news. I’ve said before that it seems like you don’t want to know what is actually going on in the world. Instead, all you want is pro-U.S. propaganda.
How is reporting this news an outrage? (Buried on Page 8A, I might add) The local paper is not pointing fingers at anyone. The AP story is simply reporting the facts from both sides. This was a sad and disturbing story. I don’t believe that our troops fired intentionally and reading this story doesn’t make me think so either, but it does let me know that this tragic event is stirring up anti-U.S.passions in Italy and elsewhere. Are we supposed to ignore that fact? Should we just stick our fingers in our ears and pretend that the whole world loves us?
I’ve already received an e-mail from my brother-in-law saying he thinks the Italians were set up by the insurgents/terrorists. But if it were up to you I wouldn’t even know what he is talking about because you would have filtered my news to keep me from hearing about anything bad like this happening.
There you go again Mike. In your zeal to zing me you aren't using your brain. The SAEN has reported a "story" about allegations from a communist reporter against US Troops. There is no proof that what she says is true. So why did the SAEN decide to use up valuable space to report it? All I am saying is perhaps we need to get all the facts before we report the story. The reporter is a communist and has written anti-US reports before. In addition, and most importantly, how the hell does she know what the US soldiers where thinking? This should not be a story until all the facts are out. The SAEN printed it anyway and I nailed them for it; all's fair in love and war.
Continuing: If the story turns out true, and US troops fired without provocation at the car then that is a story, good or bad for the US. But today's SAEN is bad for the US and without sufficient facts to back it up. Finally, I hope you go other places that the SAEN for your news because there is plenty on this story elsewhere, and it is presented in a fair manner.
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