Monday, March 28, 2005


UTSA Pro-life Display

Pictures from the UTSA pro-life demonstration. I am no expert, but I don't see any "traumatized" people in this picture. You can see commentary on Bob Rivard's column here. Thanks to SAEN Watch reader Luke Leppla for this and many other pictures of the display.

Mark adds: In addition to his adjectives of "tasteless", "offensive" and "obscene", Rivard could easily add another: "true". Because that is the entire point of the display: to show the truth behind the euphemism of "choice". It is telling that abortion supporters are so eager to prevent the general public from seeing the reality of abortion, whether on a college campus or in the abortion clinic waiting room. They obviously understand that, when the Truth is seen, good people will recoil in horror and shame from any thought of aborting a child.
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Actually, many good people recoil at the audacity of comparing a fetus to a victim of lynching or the Nazi Holocaust. These types of gross exaggerations will work against the pro-life community's efforts.
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