Tuesday, March 01, 2005


What Are You Missing?

This post is a collection of news and opinion from around the world that you won't find in the SAEN. First is an article by Steve Darnell in the the Arab News. My regular readers will recall how often I complain that the SAEN does a poor job of covering Iraq due to a combination of liberal dislike of President Bush and a fundamental misunderstanding of the war on terror. Steve Darnell takes on the left in his article:
Gen. George S. Patton once said, "Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack."

Those on the left seem to be cynical about everything to do with the war on terrorism. I think if Patton were alive today he would say liberals lack the courage to fight the enemy and would slap a few of them around.

Liberals are also cynical about the way the military handles terrorist prisoners. I am sure Patton would tell liberals they lack the basic understanding of warfare and prisoner handling and challenge them to spend a few days on the front line to see how things are really done. Then he would slap a few of them around once again.

Darnell goes on the echo a chief complaint here at SAEN Watch; the left's inability to call a terrorists a terrorists:
First, prisoners captured in Iraq are not leftist protestors staging a sit-in on the steps of a Federal Building singing "Give Peace a Chance." Prisoners in Iraq have not studied "Activism 101" and have never heard of Martin Sheen, Janeane Garofalo or Al Franken.

They are terrorist thugs who behead captured men and women showing no remorse in the act. They are murderers trained by Al-Qaeda or other terrorist organizations. They want to kill American men, women and children. They have no rights.

Prisoners captured in Iraq are not handled with kid gloves and gently placed in a paddy wagon like liberal protestors arrested in Seattle. They are trying to kill Americans when captured and would love nothing better than to kill their captor and escape to fight another day. Captured terrorists should be treated like a rabid dog waiting to bite its handler and thrown in a cage.

I really do not care how inhumanely we treat the captured terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghraib prison. They are murderers and thugs. I think terrorists should lose all human rights once they take the path of terrorism. A tough approach is the only deterrent these killers will understand.

As I have pointed out much too often, the SAEN writes a story about somebody who cuts off people's heads and they best description they can come up with is "militant." See here, here and here for a few examples from the pages of the SAEN. The next item I wanted to share with you is one by Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi that appeared at OpinionJournal.com. He opens by talking about January's election in Iraq, of which he is clearly proud, and you will notice that he uses the dreaded "T" word:
Barely a month ago, Iraqis voted in their first ever fully democratic elections. It was an exciting and proud moment for all Iraqis, free at last after decades of tyranny. There was never any doubt, despite the intimidation and terrorism, that millions of Iraqis would take their chance to play their part in history.

He then points out some of the mistakes that have been made in rebuilding that country:
It is now clear that early decisions to disband the army and to engage in a doctrinal, as opposed to a more pragmatic, de-Baathification process have made the task harder. They were, I accept, taken for the best of motives but their impact has been to increase suspicions among ethnic and religious groups and to make it harder to improve security.

I think these are fair points to make. What really struck me, and what I wanted to share with you, was what Allawi had to say to the Arab media because I think that it is a lesson the SAEN needs to learn:
But the pan-Arab media has a big role to play as well--something it already appeared to relish during the election campaign. Arabic satellite TV stations such as Al Arabiya were obviously excited and inspired by the sight of real democracy in the heart of the Arab world. By reporting fairly on the elections, they in turn inspired their Arab audience across the Middle East and beyond. Iraqis were proud to see their country dominating the region's airwaves, and indeed the media of the world, for reasons not of war or conflict, but for the fascinating sight of real democracy at work.

He congratulates the Arab media for reporting fairly on the elections, but does not extend the compliment to the American MSM. Iraqis are fighting and dying beside American soldiers in order to build a free democracy in the Middle East. Unfortunately for Americans, and readers of the SAEN specifically, this is lost on the members of the MSM in America.
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