Thursday, April 21, 2005


Call a spade a spade, and a union a union

So, a lawsuit has been filed against the No Child Left Behind educational reform law. And who are the plaintiffs, according to the Express-News?
The Texas State Teachers Association...the Texas teachers group...TSTA
Teachers? Hold on...let's see what we get when we Google up "Texas State Teachers Association".
Texas State Teachers Association - Union representing teachers who are affiliated with the National Education Association.
Ah: a union. Well, that explains why this "group of teachers" wants more money and less accountability. What it doesn't explain is why the Express-News fails to properly identify their sources when they have a vested interest in the issue under discussion. You'll also note the article fails to include a single source defending the No Child Left Behind Act.

Dear SAEN: can we occasionally hear from both sides of a "news" story, instead of only from the people who support your ideological position? It would be a refreshing change, thank you.
Bob Rivard says: "Truth to my readers is what I tell them it is."

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