Monday, April 11, 2005


Chump Change...

In her latest column, Susan Ives wants you to pay $2 million so that homeless people downtown can have the latest in self-cleaning toilets:
My fellow potty mouths, known as the Ad Hoc Committee for Public Amenities, figure that we need 10 public toilets that are open 24 hours in the downtown area. They'll cost about $2 million. This is one issue that we can't let the City Council flush out of the agenda.

But that is not even the most surprising fact about her column. It is what Ms. Ives doesn't say that is most surprising. She never mentions ways to get homeless people to stop being homeless. All she wants to do is making their life on the streets easier, and that is precisely the wrong thing to do.
Hey, at $200,000 each, the toilets will cost even more than that upscale bus stop VIA put up by Mission San Jose!

Do you think Ives will agree to take the $2 million out of the $10 million budget contemplated for the homeless resort they are trying to foist on SA taxpayers?
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