Monday, April 04, 2005


Correcting The Record

Back on February 1st of this year I commented that I found it odd that the SAEN would not report on the possible religious motivations behind the killing of a Coptic Christian family in New Jersey. It has come to my attention that the police have concluded that the motive behind the brutal murders was robbery. I promise my readers that whenever the facts show me to be wrong about something I will set the record straight, unlike the SAEN. My apologies to my readers. From the Free Republic:
JERSEY CITY, NOAA - The upstairs tenant of an Egyptian Christian family found slain in their home in January and another man have been charged in the killings, and authorities said Friday the motive was robbery, not religious fanaticism[emphasis added].

Two men already on parole for drug offenses pleaded not guilty to four counts of murder in the Jan. 11 killing of the Armanious family, which had caused tension between Christians and Muslims in New Jersey.

Edward McDonald, 25, who rented a second-floor apartment above the Armanious family, and Hamilton Sanchez, 30, were ordered held on $10 million bail.

"I didn't kill nobody, man," Sanchez said as he was led from the courtroom. McDonald, wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and black pants, stared at the floor during the hearing.

I am just thankful that the persons responsible for this especially heinous crime have been caught.
i don't think i have ever seen a blogger correct themselves like this. it takes guts to point out an error made so long ago that i had forgotten about it. i don't agree with your politics very often, but you have earned my respect Mr. Commando.
Commando certainly deserves the commendation, but I disagree that his honesty and diligence are unique in the blogosphere. I primarily read center-right political blogs, and all of them post corrections when they receive new or contradictory information. This is why I consider the reputable blogs to be more reliable than msm.
You are right. My correction is nothing unique to blogs on either side, but I think the point Anonymous was trying to make is that for a "right-winger" I am an okay guy.

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