Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Defying Laws of Physics, Air America Sinks Lower

The latest radio ratings have been released by Arbitron and it does not look good for Air America. Many liberal complain loudly that there aren't enough liberals on talk radio, but as Air America shows, there is no market for liberal radio beyond government-funded NPR. From The Radio Equalizer:
It's been a full year for Air America's flagship station, WLIB, in New York City. Month after month, it has gone nowhere in the ratings.

This month is no exception, as the full Winter 2005 ratings book is released tonight for New York City.

WLIB's tiny 1.2 audience share, for all listeners 12 and older, is the same as for Fall 2004. The audience is actually smaller now than when the station first flipped to the liberal talk format from Caribbean programming.

And the station ranks a whopping 24th place overall.

On Long Island, a distinct radio market, Air America's WLIB dropped again, to take 31st place overall.

Don't believe any of the leftist spin, there's no way to dispute this factual information. If I seem irritated here, it's because the dishonesty from the Air America supporters has just become tiresome.

KTLK's general manager wrote to the LA Times, insisting more time was needed to see where his station was headed. But so far, still no growth for the station: it held a flat, miniscule 0.3 share of all listeners 12 and older in the Los Angeles market.

Drop any lower than that and a station becomes too small to show up in the ratings at all.

With no sign of growth, KTLK ranked, are you ready for this, 44th overall in Los Angeles.

That was tied for last place in the Southland. In the initial months, with all of the publicity, KTLK should have had a huge tune-in factor, as people check out the new station in town because they're curious about it.

Keep in mind, New York City and Los Angeles should be hotbeds for liberal talk radio, yet nothing is happening.

If interested, you can check out the ratings for San Antonio here.
Can't speak for Air America since we still don't get it here in San Antonio. But the other liberal talk station needs to ditch Phil Hendrie from the afternoon drive slot. The guy is not a liberal commentator. He is a coarse and oftentimes offensive comedian. I don't find his show the slightest bit interesting.
I do like what I've heard of the Stephanie Miller show and the Ed Schultz show and even Springer on the Radio isn't bad. I just get tired of all the commercials.
I hate to say this, but it is very hard to find a liberal who can be funny while talking about current events or politics. Rush is so successful because his show is fun and informative, but if you listen to the folks at Air America as I have they just are not funny, and they suck to be totally honest. I don't find Phil Hendrie particluarly interesting either.
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