Friday, April 29, 2005


Dropping $occer

Kudos to the SAEN Editorial Board for ripping the plan by Mayor Garza, who just happens to play soccer, to bring Major League Soccer to San Antonio. From today's editorial:
The deal the City Council has approved to bring Major League Soccer to San Antonio requires greater scrutiny.

Mayor Ed Garza and other proponents have failed to justify it adequately. The City Council should think again and hit the brakes on what appears to be a terrible deal.

Among the many questionable aspects of the plan, perhaps the most objectionable is that it would give the franchise 70 percent or more from the corporate naming rights for the Alamodome. Why allow this city landmark to become an advertisement when the city is not even the major benefactor?

It shouldn't cost the taxpayers of this City $22 million just because Garza likes soccer, and wants to be able to go to MLS games and play on nicer fields. This "deal" stinks anyway you look at it, and the sooner the City drops it, the better. Hey Garza, I have a stupid idea, lets take the $22 million that you want to blow on soccer, and fix the many potholes around my house.
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