Friday, April 29, 2005


El-Kikhia: Off The Deep End

I could barely read the latest from El-Kikhia today, but I did it for you guys. He starts out with a story about a friend of his who was tortured by Qaddafi, and of course this reminds him of the people at Guantanamo Bay. But before you shed a tear for the folks down at Club Gitmo, please check out what I wrote back on April 20th in a post titled "Let's Talk About Gitmo," and you will see the folly of El-Kikhia's latest screed. Here is the more important parts of that post:

From the Washington Times:
Detainees at Guantanamo Bay are providing the U.S. military with its best information on America's No. 1 enemy, Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda terror group, says a new Pentagon report.

More than three years after many of the al Qaeda and Taliban fighters were captured in Afghanistan, the 550 prisoners continue to divulge new information on recently nabbed bin Laden operatives and on remotely detonated bombs killing U.S. troops in Iraq.

More from the Washington Times:
The report said that at least 10 former detainees the Pentagon knows by name have rejoined the war against coalition forces.

One of them, Abdullah Mahsud, had denied links to al Qaeda and said he was forced to join the Taliban army. Today, Mahsud is back in Afghanistan leading a gang of kidnappers.

And did you know that Gitmo detainees are helping us fight the terrorists in Iraq:
The bomb makers picked up in Afghanistan are experts in the same types of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that have killed hundreds of coalition troops, including Americans in Iraq.

"One detainee also detailed how pagers and cellular telephones are used to initiate detonations," said the Pentagon report. "Another detainee has been cooperative enough to draw schematic diagrams of the bombs he designed and built. In addition, he has provided his critiques of the design of IEDs being constructed by terrorists in Iraq."

And in another blow to the left's crazy notion that poverty breeds terrorism:
More than 50 detainees hold college degrees or obtained other higher education. Among the educated are doctors, pilots, engineers, translators, lawyers and computer experts.

A detainee who attended Texas A&M for 18 months "has threatened guards and admits enjoying terrorizing Americans." Others obtained degrees in aviation management and petroleum engineering.

Let's look at the kind of person that El-Kikhia is shedding tears for:
"A detainee who has assaulted [Guantanamo] guards on numerous occasions and crafted a weapon in his cell stated that he can either go back home and kill as many Americans as he possibly can, or he can leave here in a box," the report said. "Either way, it's the same to him."

And why it is important to keep them locked up:
The capture of these terrorists and others likely deprived al Qaeda of new leaders[emphasis added]. "It is likely that many Guantanamo detainees would have risen to positions of prominence in the leadership ranks of al Qaeda and its associated groups," the Guantanamo report said.

I think it is pretty clear that El-Kikhia is shedding tears for killers. If that is what he wants to do, fine, but I won't be losing any sleep over the killers we have detained at Gitmo. El-Kikhia asks "when did torture become American?" Well, the answer to that question is that it isn't, and his comparison of Qaddafi's torturers to the men and women of the United States fighting the war on terror is absurd, and he should be (but won't be) ashamed of himself for saying so. One things is for sure, views like El-Kikhia's are a dime a dozen on jihadist sites across the internet, and they certainly don't belong in the pages of any newspaper.

Update: A smart SAEN Watch reader points out one of many errors in El-Kikhia's column:
In American hands he was tortured, electrocuted, starved, smeared with human excrement and whipped silly by Pakistanis in Guantanamo.

The problem is with the word "electrocuted," which the dictionary defines as "to kill by electric shock." Clearly El-Kikhia's friend was not electrocuted, and that makes we wonder what else he isn't telling the truth about.
The really bizarre thing in today's column is the way in which he plays three card monte between Qaddafi and Gitmo. For example, it's unclear about whether his friend was "electrocuted" at Gitmo or by Qaddafi. MEK does this to make people think that the torture by Qaddafi was actually done by Americans...or, wait, by Gitmo? Or in Karachi? This seems a deliberate attempt by El-Kikhia to confuse the issue and slander Americans as torturers without any foundation.
Mark, can you answer a question for me. Why does the paper still carry this guy? He is a kook, and what's more, he is almost always wrong.

P.J., I honestly believe the SAEN is trapped: they cannot toss him without incurring foolish charges of being anti-Muslim. Remember MEK's anti-Semitic predecessor, Julio Noboa? He didn't have MEK's resume, and they still had to catch Noboa in an act of plagiarism to justify getting rid of him.
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