Friday, April 15, 2005


El-Kikhia wrong again...yawn

Mansour El-Kikhia has gone so far over the edge I almost feel guilty for fisking him nowadays...sort of like picking on the mentally retarded. But today's column includes two particularly obnoxious lies which cannot go unremarked.

It seems an odd request for a government seeking peace. If peace is the objective, then why the need for walls and checkpoints?
Imagine, if you will, El-Kikhia's world: where there are no suicide bombers...where Israelis build security walls simply to oppress Palestinians.

Since coming to power, Bush has shaken the world, and the only thing that he succeeded in dislodging has been the United States.
Again, El-Kikhia's world: Bush did not dislodge the Taliban in Afghanistan...Bush did not dislodge Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

Why do I even bother with this asshat? Why does the Express-News?

Kikhia also said that Bush gave Sharon "carte blanche" to build settlements in Palestinian territory, but the express-news carried a front page report earlier this week reporting that GWB had told Sharon that the settlemens had to stop. You can add liar to the many descriptions of Mr. Kikhia.
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