Monday, April 25, 2005


Filibuster Not A "Check & Balance"

From a front page story in today's SAEN headlines "Christians step into filibuster fray:"
The rally's critics...warned that its sponsors wanted to remove one of this nation's Democratic checks and balances---the filibuster---all in the name of imposing their religious ideals on America."

I just wanted to point out to the SAEN reporter, Maro Robbins, that the filibuster is not part the government's system of checks and balances. It is a Senate rule, and changing it in no way affects the constitution. One last, tiny point, "democratic" should not be capitalized.

Note: the quote above does not appear in the online version of this story.

Mark adds:

Another classic example of bias:
Roughly 500 participants crammed into a downtown Presbyterian church for what was called a "Freedom and Faith" rally. (It was arguably a stout turnout in a city already absorbed by festivities leading up to the Kentucky Derby in two weeks.)

OK, so if 500 people was a stout turnout, then I suppose the 2,000 who turned out at the actual event means they were FOUR TIMES as "stout"?
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