Thursday, April 21, 2005


Hillary Must Resign! Hillary Must Resign!

I am sure all my good liberal friends will agree with me when I say that, based on the following story in the New York Sun, Senator Clinton must resign:
A Democratic fund-raiser involved in Senator Clinton's 2000 campaign has offered a guilty plea to bank fraud charges and is likely to become a government witness at the upcoming federal trial of a top finance aide to Mrs. Clinton, David Rosen, court records obtained by The New York Sun show.

As part of an FBI investigation into alleged campaign finance reporting violations by Mrs. Clinton's campaign, the mystery witness secretly taped a conversation with Mr. Rosen in September 2002 and apparently tried to elicit statements from the former Clinton staffer about financial irregularities involving an August 2000 Hollywood fund-raising event.

This case involves some serious charges:
While the informant's work for the FBI on Mr. Rosen's case dates back to 2002, the agency continued to work closely with the witness through the end of 2004, court documents indicate. The November 2004 filing indicates the FBI was planning to use the informant in an investigation of "a prominent political figure who may be involved in illegally soliciting foreign nationals to contribute to national political campaigns." The target of the inquiry was suspected of "funneling illegal campaign contributions from foreign nationals to individuals running for federal office."

Don't be ashamed if you have not heard about this story because the SAEN is so busy hammering DeLay that they aren't reporting it. I guess by now some of my more liberal readers are thinking that this is absurd. Maybe it is, but it is no more absurd than calling on DeLay to resign because somebody he worked with has been indicted. What's good for DeLay is good for Hillary, right?

You can read more about it here.
Will we see Doonesbury feature a "Hillary Clinton Political Death-Watch"?
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