Thursday, April 14, 2005


Middle of the Road

Hello. I’m Mike Thomas and I will be a guest blogger here for the next few days while Alamo City Commando is out on a top secret aquatic reconnaissance and requisition operation. I maintain the locally-based blog Rhetoric & Rhythm.
The Commando has graciously extended this invitation to me in spite of the fact that I am a liberal and tend to disagree with most if not all of his stated positions. For example, I don’t believe the San Antonio Express-News, or the media in general, is biased.
I am a journalist by trade - although I do not work for the Express-News - and can say based on my 15 years of experience in the business that if the media has any bias at all it is a bias in favor of making money. Newspapers are for-profit business operations, after all, and it doesn’t make economic sense for them to consistently take positions that isolate them from large segments of their communities. The pejorative term MSM (mainstream media) that the right has lately embraced is more accurate than they realize because the media strives to be in the mainstream or the middle of the road where it can attract more readers and thus generate more advertising revenue.
I will be pointing out examples this week of this tendency of newspapers to avoid the ideological extremes and to stay safely mired in the deepest part of the stream. Stay tuned.
Had a bit of cognitive dissonance when I opened this blog today and saw, "Hello. I'm Mike Thomas." Wondered for a second if it was still April 1st.

Kudos to Commando for allowing you to guest post despite your very different viewpoint. I'm impressed, really.
I agree with PM Bryant. I think it is great that Commando has invited you to guest blog. I generally agree with his comments about the liberal bias at the express news and so I look forward to your contributions.


Commando, good luck on your top secret aquatic reconnaissance and requisition operation! Mike,good luck and give 'em hell for all us liberals! I can't wait to see how the Commando answers your comments.
I take it the "top secret aquatic reconnaissance and requisiton" means the Commando has gone fishing....
I don't know why you would want to get involved with an asshole like the commando. Who calls themselves the commando anyway?
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