Thursday, April 21, 2005


Mocking Terri Schiavo

No matter what your position on the Schiavo situation, all decent people agree that her disability and death was a tragedy...except for Garry Trudeau.

In his Doonesbury strip today, Trudeau continues a juvenile "Tom DeLay Political Death Watch". In one of the panels, a news reporter states, "The only thing that might save him is if Congress passed a law affirming his continuing viability." In the final panel, responding to the question of whether Bush would sign the law, the reporter states, "Oh, yes. He supports the culture of persistent vegetative state."

Shame on Trudeau, and shame on the Express-News for publishing this insensitive, repulsive garbage.
Yes.... I found it pretty disgusting also...... I wonder why he allowed his BD character to live after being made an amputee as the result of the war...(sarcasm here) wouldn't it have been more "humane" to pump him full of morphine and allow him to bleed out , "die with dignity" right there on the battlefield. I mean look at his quality of life now.... Gary Trudeau....what a jerk!!!!

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