Friday, April 15, 2005


The myth of media objectivity, left or right

I was hoping Mike would bring this up.

Some will say that pure objectivity is not possible. That some hint of a person’s bias is going to come out no matter what they do. In fact, they would prefer to see newspapers abandon objectivity altogether and just pick one side or the other.

In fact, newspapers did not purport to be "objective" until well into the 20th century. Prior to that, they bore their partisanship proudly. It's about time that today's media admits that "objectivity" is an evidently impossible ideal. "Truth in Labelling" and all that. Fox News should revise its motto to "Fair Because Counterbalancing". The New York Times would admit "all the news that's fit to print, so long as it discredits the Bush administration."

Ah yes, a return to the good old days of Yellow journalism.
That would fit in nicely with Bush's campaign to eliminate Social Security. Maybe we can bring back the gold standard while we are at it!
How exactly is the president planning to eliminate soc. security? I would like to hear specifics. It sounds to me like he wants to improve it.
It sounds to me like he wants to improve it.

How is a privatization scheme that undermines the core principles of Social Security (the guarantee that it will be there regardless of what is happening in the markets and the economy) supposed to be an improvement? Especially when, as the Bush administration admits, it does nothing to address the solvency issues they have been warning us about and instead would leave us with a $2 trillion hole to fill?
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