Thursday, April 14, 2005


No victory dance here

My first example of “mainstream” journalism is the story on Page 1 of today’s SAEN about the bill in the state Legislature that would make it easier to rollback city and county tax rates Property-tax limits take another hit.
It is actually a well written story that presents both sides of the issue fairly. However, the SAEN could have easily played up the story as a victory for local city and county governments (i.e. a good thing), rather than as a defeat for Gov. Perry (i.e. a bad thing). After all, it is the opposition of city and county officials that is causing setbacks for this bill and others that seek to limit local governments’ ability to raise revenues. The bill is being pushed by Rep. Carl Isett, R-Lubbock, a hard-line conservative who is no friend of local governments. His legislation would lead to a flood of never-ending rollback elections and would hamstring local governments as they try to provide services for their growing populations.
But rather than a “Booyaa!” story celebrating the potential demise of this regressive legislation, our mainstream newspaper carefully weighs both sides of the issue and presents a straight-forward news story with a headline that implies that it may be a bad thing.
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