Thursday, April 21, 2005


$occer Plan Now At $22 Million

WOAI is reporting that the council will now vote on a package worth $22 million to bring soccer to San Antonio; more than three times the $6.2 million originally proposed:
The proposal to bring Major League Soccer to San Antonio continues to balloon, with the price tag of the proposal San Antonio City Council is set to vote on today in excess of $22 million, 1200 WOAI news reported today.

That's three times higher than the $6.2 million dollar price tag which was placed on the deal just one week ago.

When the soccer deal was first proposed, the cost of the soccer fields was set to be $3.5 million. But city council today will vote on a proposal to spend $3.7 million on a practice facility, and $10.6 million on thirteen 'tournament quality' soccer fields, all constructed at Brooks City Base.

Driving all of this is Mayor Garza of course. Why is it the tax payers of this city always get screwed because of the hobbies of whoever is the current mayor?
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