Monday, April 11, 2005


One Is No Split

On page 4A of today's SAEN is a story headlined "DeLay flap is starting to split Republicans." Uh-oh I thought, a large group has switched sides and are now criticizing DeLay, right? No, not exactly. In fact, only one Republican, liberal Chris Shays, R-Conn. has said DeLay should resign his leadership post. Sorry, but does one lone Republican really deserve to be called a "split" in the party? Only at the SAEN folks.
Shays calling for DeLay to resign is no more an indication of a "party split" than if Zell Miller called on Ted Kennedy to resign.
Whoa, hold the presses. It's worse:

Quest to get a Republican to fight DeLay may have crossed a line

Guilty party: New York Times, surprise...
Just keep marginalizing those "liberal" Republicans guys! Maybe you can drive Chris Shays out of the party just like they did to Lowell Weicker. There is no room for liberals or moderates in today's radical GOP.
There is no room for liberals or moderates in today's radical GOP.

And vice versa. We don't need Shays and you don't need Zell Miller, or anyone who is not in favor of abortion.

The problem for the Dems is that the deepening separation between the party ideologies works to their disadvantage. They are an increasingly minority party, which must therefore rely on forging coalitions with moderate Republicans to have any hope (sans filibuster) of even trying to derail Republican initiatives, much less starting any initiatives of their own. The fewer moderate Republicans, the less opportunity for Dems.
I was not trying to marginalize Chris Shays, but point out the absrudity of the SAEN claiming that he represents a split in the party. The fact is, for better of for worse, that Shays is a liberal Republican and also in a safe district so he has nothing to loose by saying DeLay should resign. The SAEN gives his comments too much weight is the point I was trying to make. Mike, why don't you show we a quote from the SAEN where Zell's disagreements with his party were called a "split." Don't bother looking because the SAEN, like the rest of the MSM, tried to make Miller look like a nut-job, and that is the way it always goes in the liberal media.
To continue: Whenever a Republican breaks ranks with his or her party he is called enlightened (see John McCain and Christopher Shays), but whenever a Democrat breaks ranks with his or her party the media makes them look like idiots (see Zell Miller and Joseph Lieberman). If the media is so fair and balanced why is this?
The headline has been changed. It now reads "DeLay draws fire from fellow Republicans."

I agree with Commando that Shays criticizing DeLay is not evidence for a Republican split, so that previous headline was overblown.
I suppose I should clarify that I'm referring to the online edition. Obviously the print edition headline hasn't been changed. :-)
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