Sunday, April 24, 2005


Rigid editor apologizes

Kudos to Bob Rivard for apologizing for the offensive headline his newspaper printed upon the selection of Pope Benedict XVI.

There is a fine line between subjective judgment and bias on the one hand and objective, independent reporting about Pope Benedict XVI and the state of the Catholic Church on the other hand.

The uninspiring Wednesday headline, "Rigid theologian selected" crossed that line. Some within the church would use such wording to describe the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, but others would not.

The right place for such a description is within a well-balanced analysis, not across the top of Page One over the story reporting the election of the new pope. For those offended, we apologize.
But: the "uninspiring" headline? What's that supposed to mean? Is that a euphemism for "biased"?
Rivard must have been slapped pretty hard over that headline for him to use space in his column to sort of apologize. Great job you guys!

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