Wednesday, April 20, 2005


"Rigid theologian selected"

That's the headline in today's SAE-N. I suppose we should be thankful Bob Rivard and company refrained from the "Nazi Pope!" headlines spewed by the London press.

The irony is that, while the intent is to paint Ratzinger as some sort of intolerant, out of touch academic, faithful Catholics applaud his stance in support of church doctrine. For them, the headline is a compliment to the new Pope.

When you read this week the incessant griping about the church's "failure to embrace modernity" (coming, I suppose from all those frustrated women whose only goal in life is to become a Catholic priest), please consider this perspective:
The media have kept noting that many Catholics, especially in the West, have flouted the Church's teachings on abortion, birth control, and sexual morality. This is true; but it should be put in context. Even more Catholics have flouted Church teaching on, say, the universal obligation to love one another and the immorality of lying. The odds that the Church will change its teaching on love or lying are approximately as great as the odds it will bless abortion and non-marital sex - regardless of what the church of the television anchors may want.

[National Review, April 25, 2005, page 16]
Those who have failed to live up to the teachings of the Church need to conform themselves to God...not the other way around.
I admit that I cringed when I saw that headline this morning. My first thought was "I bet that will set Mark off."
Why can't the SAEN get it through their thick skulls that the Pope is not the head of a politcal party, but of a church? I particularly liked the photo on the inside pages showing the new Pope in his "Hitler Youth" uniform. Nice touch guys!
I think Anonymous is right about this. I am not particularly religious, but this headline and article struck me as incredibly tone deaf, and even somewhat inflammatory, especially coming less than 24 hours after the new pope was elected.

Welcome back to Commando, and thanks to Mike for guest blogging.
I think the headline was perfectly accurate. He is a hard line theologian. I am a Catholic. I recognize that as truth. Whether or not it appeals to your political views is immaterial. He is a hardline theologian. Nothing more, nothing less.
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