Friday, April 29, 2005


SAEN, Democrat Mouthpiece

On page 4A of Friday's SAEN is a story about the federal budget headlined "$2.6 trillion budget that cuts Medicaid approved." The report tells us that:
Medicaid gets marked for a $10 billion reduction over four years.

But as I will show you, that isn't entirely true (or true at all), and strangely the SAEN is echoing exactly what Democrats are saying; curious, yes? The $10 billion "cut" in Medicaid is actually only a reduction in the rate of growth. Over the next four years spending on Medicaid increases significantly as the CBO shows in projections of mandatory, I said mandatory, spending on Medicaid:
FY 2005 - $327.5 billion
FY 2006 - $378.6 billion
FY 2007 - $428.0 billion
FY 2008 - $456.2 billion

That is an increase of $77.6 billion over the four years that the SAEN reports a decrease; however, the SAEN story fails to point this out preferring instead to leave readers with the impression that the nasty old Republicans are taking money out of healthcare for the poor and giving it to rich people in the form of tax cuts. Here is how one local blogger put it:
So the Republican budget calls for $10 billion in cuts to healthcare services for the poor while turning around and showering the wealthiest folks with $106 billion in tax cuts.

So, somebody want to explain to me why the SAEN decided to leave this important fact out of it's reporting on the budget?
Hey, that's Democratic mouthpiece, thank you very much!! You Republicans are always dropping the -ic just to be spiteful! Then again, maybe you're just grammatically challenged. ;)

As for the $10 billion in cuts it is an accurate figure because that is the reality. Our population is growing every year and healthcare costs are rising every year. So when you don't adjust for these factors it essentially results in less services available to the poor.
It's just like if you don't get a raise one year, your buying power goes down because all your expenses continue to go up.
What the CBO is saying is that it will take an increase of $87 billion over four years to maintain the same level of services currently available and the Bush budget is going to cut that by $10 billion.
showering the wealthiest folks with $106 billion in tax cuts.

Fact: you cannot cut federal income taxes on people who pay no federal income tax in the first place.

Implication from fact: whenever there is a federal income tax cut, partisans will always scream "Tax cuts for the rich!"

Action from implication: Ignore them.
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