Monday, April 04, 2005


SAEN: Wrong Again!

After weeks of stories telling us that the Iraqi National Assembly was in chaos, and passing on a sense of hopelessness to it's readers, today that SAEN is forced to admit that a speaker of the National Assembly has been chosen. Not only that, but the man chosen as speaker is a Sunni, further smashing that SAEN's hopes of religious strife. So what happens to a "newspaper" that is wrong so often; that colors it coverage and edits wire reports to put the worse possible face on Iraq? Well, you're the best darn paper in Texas( see "E-N honored as Newspaper of the Year by peers," page 1B)!

The SAEN has been wrong on Iraq from the start. It's news coverage has been consistently biased towards presenting only the negative. I presume that Bob Rivard was no fan of Operation Iraqi Freedom, still isn't a fan of our presence there, and is going to do his best to mold the paper's reporting to his own viewpoint. In doing so he damages the credibility of his paper with his readers, although clearly his "peers" are as wrong-headed as he is. I have consistently shown that good things are happening in Iraq, and the SAEN has consistently ignored them; history is passing the SAEN by, and it's refusing to report it. The SAEN cannot even perform the most basic function of a newspaper: reporting facts. Instead, the paper has become the spokesman for editor Bob Rivard's own personal views. How sad for us. The fact that the SAEN is the "Newspaper of the Year" is further proof that public distrust of the media is well founded, and growing.

I am going to have more on the SAEN's biased reporting on Iraq in a day or two so stay tuned.
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