Monday, April 18, 2005


Swindlers and cheats

John MacCormack, one of my favorite reporters at the SAEN, had an informative article on Saturday detailing one of the smarmiest episodes among all the scandals currently swirling around Republican Leader Tom DeLay.

The story of how one of DeLay's top political fundraisers swindled the Tigua Indians out of $4.2 million will give readers a good idea of where the term sleazo-con came from. Jack Abramoff and his partner Mike Scanlon, a former spokesman for Tom DeLay, pitted one Indian tribe against another while taking money from both sides as they fought to keep their casino operations alive.
In a three-year period, Abramoff and Scanlon raked in more than $66 million from tribal casino interests. Now federal prosecutors are investigating "how tribal money funneled through Abramoff may have illegally benefited the political operations of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay..."

People wondering what all the fuss is about Tom DeLay's ethics troubles should read this story and realize this is just one of the many examples of the corruption that is rampant throughout DeLay's Washington power network.
I know Tom Delay is evil. He once came to San Antonio and at a rally he took candy from my then baby sister! I'm telling you the truth. Honest Injun!
I've always liked that old headline from The Onion: "Indians Use All Parts of the Casino".

It takes a greedy person to fall for a this case, the tribal leaders who had formally, legally agreed to never start up a casino.
Mike, you say DeLay is guilty simply because he knows somebody that is. "Guilt by association" is not how we convict people in this country.
Mike, you say DeLay is guilty simply because he knows somebody that is.

I didn't actually say that, although I admit thinking it. I think DeLay is guilty of a number of ethical violations and possibly worse, but we shall see. In the meantime, I think he is the perfect person to lead the Republican Party. Please, please, please, please keep him as your party leader through the 2006 elections.
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