Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Tan, Rested & Ready

Well folks I am back. I want to thank my good friend Mike Thomas for guest blogging with Mark while I was away. Posting from me will be light today as I catch up on some things, but I do want to leave you with this: we all know that the SAEN is all over Tom DeLay. Mike has spent the last few days trying to convince you that there is no liberal bias at the SAEN. Well, I have proof positive that there is bias. The SAEN recently ran a story reporting a "split" in the Republican party because one congressman from Connecticut called on DeLay to resign; however, when a Democratic congressman defended DeLay the SAEN not only didn't report on a split in the Democratic party, it didn't report the event at all:
Democratic Congressman Eliot Engel said Thursday that GOP House Majority Leader Tom DeLay did nothing wrong by taking several trips abroad and having the costs picked up by lobbyists, and even praised the top Republican - after he was confronted with NewsMax's report detailing his own congressional junkets.

He went on to note that that he has no problems with the travel DeLay has taken:
The Bronx Democrat said that unless members of Congress are allowed to have their travel expenses picked up either by the taxpayers or private groups, only wealthy members who can afford to travel will be able to go on fact finding missions.

So where is the story about a split in the Democratic party? What about just a story reporting that a Democrat is supporting DeLay; surely that is news?
Welcome back!

It was both brilliant and courageous to have Mike, an intelligent and reasonable political opponent, guest blog. When my summer vacation comes, I'd like you both to be among the guest bloggers on The View From The Nest.

Ranten N. Raven
Thanks for the comment Raven, and for reading SAEN Watch. Mike did a great job as guest blogger. I would be honored to blog-sit for you while you are away.

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