Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Terrorists Surrender In Mosul

I have not seen this in the SAEN so I guess I have scooped them again:
Four senior leaders of the ongoing insurgency in the northern city of Mosul are said to have surrendered.

Iraqi army officers, refusing to be named, said the four gave themselves up to the authorities after several days of negotiations.

One of the insurgent leaders, called Abu Kifah, had a bounty of millions of dollars on his head.

Two others were reported to have occupied senior positions in the former army and intelligence.

The authorities have revealed very little about the identity of the fourth.

Mosul is scene of almost daily attacks on U.S. and Iraqi troops. Insurgents overrun the city lat year, but the troops regained control following fierce street fighting.

There are still mounting security problems in the city and its suburbs.

The insurgents are active in certain headquarters and outlying districts like Tel Affar.

The suspects, who were reported to have surrendered, led operations in Sillamiya, a restive district south of Mosul.

Meantime, the Mosul police contingent has freed 15 detainees who were found not to have been involved in “armed operations against the security forces and villains,” a police statement said.

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