Friday, April 29, 2005


They Finally Did It

After days of anxious waiting on my part, the SAEN has finally reported the results of a recent less-than-reliable Washington Post/ABC News poll. From page 5A of today's SAEN:
A Washington Post poll published this week found 66 percent of Americans oppose changing Senate filibuster rules to make it easier for the Republican majority to confirm President Bush's judicial nominees.

Really? Are you sure? Here is what Best of the Web had to say about the poll:
The poll not only doesn't use the word filibuster; it doesn't even describe the procedure. The way the question is worded, the Democrats could have "blocked" the nominations by the normal method of voting them down--and there is no reason to think that "randomly selected adults" would have been paying enough attention to know the difference.

And not only did the poll never specifically ask about filibusters, but many more Democrats than Republicans were polled, and the questions were misleading at best. For some serious destruction of this poll check out AnkleBitingPundits.
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