Sunday, April 24, 2005


Victor Landa is a terrorist organization

Well, not really, but if he can say that to unfairly make a point, so can I, right?
The National Education Association, a teacher's union referred to as a "terrorist organization" by former Education Secretary Rod Paige...
Oy. This is a half-truth almost as insidious as the slander about John Ashcroft supposedly covering up nude statues in the Justice Department during his tenure as Attorney General.

But before we quote the full context of Secretary Paige's comment, just consider the tendentiousness of Landa's claim, on its face. The Secretary of Education of the United States refers to the National teacher's union as a "terrorist organization". What, did he claim they blew up schoolbuses filled with Israeli children? Was he referring to teachers being involved in the 9/11 attacks? Perhaps they just issued press releases supporting jihad?

Well, not...exactly.
Education Secretary Rod Paige said the National Education Association, one of the nation's largest labor unions, was like "a terrorist organization" because of the way it was resisting many provisions of a school- improvement law pushed through Congress by President Bush.
Specifically, the teacher's union holds our children hostage to their political agenda. Now, granted, the words were poorly chosen, and Paige almost immediately made numerous abject apologies for the remark. I'm sure what he regretted most of all was the certainty that it would be used against him for eternity by partisan columnists such as Landa.

But still, what sort of person reads such a completely out of context assertion, nods their head in agreement, and moves on to the rest of Landa's NEA press, I mean column. And what sort of columnist is so bitterly partisan as to willfully inject misunderstanding such as this into his writing?

Do you think we will get an apology from Landa in his next column?
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