Friday, April 29, 2005


Victory For The Cedar Revolution?

Michael Totten of the Spirit of America blog declares victory for the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon (hat tip Instapundit):
Chalk up another, final, victory for the Cedar Revolution.

The Lebanese government formally announced the election will be held on time - on May 29th 2005.

The million-person demonstration, the two-month sleep-in at the tent-city, the countdown campaign, the village campaign, the media pressure, the international pressure - it all came together. It's a new era in Lebanon now. The time of post-war occupation and oppression is over. The Cedar Revolution is now over, too.

I am little more skeptical of declaring a final victory, but this is still good news: freedom continues to march on in the Middle East. He also writes that the importance of the evacuation of Syrian forces cannot be understated:
The Syrian military has now withdrawn to their side of the border. The secret police are almost certainly still around, but they're a lot less scary when they can't back up their agenda by force of arms. Syrian intelligence agents can still operate as terrorists and spies, but without an army they can't control what happens on the ground. The pall of fear over Lebanon has largely been broken. The democracy activists feel the difference. I feel it, too. I wouldn't quite call this a free country yet - not while Hezbollahland still exists as its own entity - but it feels like one now. The air is different. It's lighter.

And I don't think you can underestimate the importance of the Bush Doctrine in making this happen. President Bush has never wavered in his belief that all people want to be free, even in the face of withering denunciations from Democrats, and Lebanon is just another example proving the president right. I would like to welcome the Lebanese back into the community of free nations!
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