Friday, April 22, 2005


What Exactly Is El-Kikhia Smoking?

Why do I do it, why do I even bother? El-Kikhia's columns have gone so far off the deep end, and are so predictable that I don't know why I even take the time to point it out anymore. The title of today's columns is "America spending won't sway Arabs." Fine, and terrorists flying planes into our buildings or blowing us up won't sway us. I have a hard time taking any analysis seriously that compares the president to a pharaoh and calls Republicans in Congress minions:
The American president is not a dictator, but his administration's policies are beginning to resemble those of a 12th-dynasty Pharaoh from ancient Egypt.

His minions in Congress are on a rampage, modifying in the name of security and family values America's modern social and political topography. Their goal is a permanent myopic vision of the world and life. No segment of American society is immune. Judges notorious for wanting to turn back the clock are being appointed to all levels of the judiciary to ensure the longevity of their agenda. It is rather odd that a party that prides itself on cherishing individual freedoms should be the one that takes so many of them away.

I especially love that last sentence about Republicans taking away freedoms, but you will notice El-Kikhia leaves it there, he doesn't cite examples. But if you think that is over the top, you will love this:
My major fear is of this administration's foreign policy, particularly toward the Middle East and Islam. It is embarking on a ideological war that will make the Crusades appear like child's play.

I see, so America is now the Crusader in El-Kikhia's mind. Come on, is this what passes as intelligent debate at the SAEN. I don't agree with much of what comes off the SAEN op/ed pages, but most of it is at least reasoned which is way more than I can say about today's offering from El-Kikhia. He says the same things week after week (America and/or Israel Bad, President Bush stupid). He runs a dog and pony show without the pony. El-Kikhia goes on to explain what the U.S. is planning to do:
The major emphasis is on infiltrating Islamic organizations and countering Islamic teaching perceived as incompatible with Western thought.

To make it more palatable to Muslims, the U.S. government is funding the rebuilding of mosques, gathering of ancient Korans and arranging for conferences to discuss the benefits of Western thought and a new version of Islam.

El-Kikhia claims that money won't sway Arabs, but is sure has worked for the Saudis hasn't it? Where does he think we got the idea about rebuilding Mosques from? The Saudis have spread Wahhabism around the world with nothing but money. I don't want to get to deep into El-Kikhia's ranting so I will leave you with one last thought and you can read his column if you want to. He takes a not-so-veiled stab at Christians, and what nincompoops we are:
It is not surprising that such initiatives should emanate from an individual who is convinced that God put him in office. However, the nincompoops who advise him on these outlandish policies need to make two things clear to him.

It is certainly hard not to take seriously any argument using the word nincompoop, and his references to Bush's religion in combination with his use of the word Crusade are pretty obvious aren't they. Why the SAEN editorial board wants to associate itself with this guy is beyond me.

You know, El-Kikhia teaches political science and so you would think he'd get it. We don't want the Middle East to become America on the Persian Gulf. We don't want to stick around for decades like we have in Europe. We want Arabs to be free and democratic, and I can guarantee we want to leave as soon as possible. El-Kikhia offers nothing constructive to the debate that I can't read on one of the myriad jihadist sites on the internet.

Update: If you want to read more about this please check out this post by Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch.
Thanks for reading his writings so we don't have to. I usually force myself to check out his columns because I want to read different points of view, but this week I just couldn't find the will.
Let me tell you it is no easy task; wading through his crap each week. Thanks for the comments...that is why I do it.

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