Friday, May 06, 2005


Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Loves The SAEN

The Express-News is dangerous. It's dangerous because the views of the editor, Bob Rivard, are helping the terrorists by turning American opinion against our involvement in Iraq. Here is the headline from a story on the front page of today's paper: "Iraq life: Eating, sleeping, bombing," and the sub-headline is "Nonstop violence means every day is a horror day." Gee, that's not over the top! Apparently Bob Rivard hasn't considered that by reporting only negative news from that country he has become the terrorists' best friend. Here is what a recent poll in Iraq revealed:
"Has the security situation improved since the start of the new government?

"Yes - 55%

"No - 35%

"No change - 10%"

Are things going smoothly in Iraq? No, but they certainly are not as bad as the SAEN would have you believe. We have Americans dying over there to help the Iraqis build a free nation and the SAEN is reporting as if they already failed. Shame on them and shame on the editors of the SAEN. In March, Iraqis rallied against terrorists in their country:
"As expected, angry and sad Iraqis have started protests against the sickening behavior of the family and tribe of the Jordanian terrorist who committed the bloody massacre of Hilla a few weeks ago.

"Crowds gathered outside the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad on Sunday shouting: 'No, no to Jordan, close your embassy, we do not want to see you here.'

The biggest problem in Iraq, obviously, are the terrorist, but the second biggest problem is the coverage that news outlets like the San Antonio Express-News are providing Americans. And let's not forget what we are fighting for there:
Eye witnesses from the area said that back in the middle of 1980s, buses and bulldozers used to come to this valley twice a week but no one dared to question what was happening.

This woman after she somehow managed to escape got lost in the desert for 5 days until some shepherd found her and kept her safe away from the eyes of the security services that kept searching for her for years until they knew that she had officially lost her mind.

The woman expressed her gratitude for the locals who were kind to her and allowed her to live in a room attached to a mosque for the past 21 years after she lost all her family and had nowhere else to go.

Al-Witwity had also talked to the chief of the "Humanitarian association for defending the rights of the mass graves' martyrs" who confirmed that there are 19 other mass graves to be revealed soon, each one is supposed to contain the remains of approximately 2000 Iraqis.

All I am asking for is some balance in the SAEN's coverage of Iraq. Apparently I am asking too much. Congratulations Bob, you are a big hit with the terrorists!
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