Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Darn Those Dirty Insurgents

We probably all know about the new offensive against terrorists in Iraq that our butt-kicking Marines have undertaken near the small city of Qaim, and you can read all about it on page 4A of today's SAEN. Here we have a bunch of bad guys from other countries, who terrorize the civilian population and don't mind killing civilians during their attacks, and the SAEN calls them "insurgents." The "t" word is used in the first paragraph, but only because that is who the U.S. Military said they were going after. The story, compiled from wire reports, kindly informs is that the Muslim Scholars Association (MSA) is ticked off about the offensive, calling it "American state-sponsored terrorism..." Oh wait, there is the word "terrorist" a second time, only the Express-News is using it to describe our soldiers. You know, debate if fine, we can disagree on Iraq, but putting a quote from the MSA into this story is obnoxious and cowardly. The editors want you to feel ashamed at what we are doing in Iraq. They don't think that Iraqis deserve our help in being free. Don't fall for it. The men and women of our armed forces have earned our support and our prayers, and they are doing wonderful things in Iraq. Why is that so hard for the editors over at the SAEN to understand?
Well ofcourse the MSA is pissed at the operation, we are probably killing alot of the alumni! I get so darned tired of these muslim organizations referring to US military actions as "terrorism" but I hear not a peep from them when a member of the "Religion of Peace" drives through a crowd of school children and blows himself up.
What is unbelievable is the the SAEN would use a quote from the MSA to describe what our troops are doing in Iraq. What purpose does this serve other than smear our troops? And since the story was compiled from wire reports the inclusion of this derogatory remark was knowlingly done by the paper.
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