Thursday, May 12, 2005


Does SAEN even "cair" about the truth?

A new low, even for the San Antonio Expressed-Views: an article mindlessly regurgitating propaganda from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); claiming, in essence, that Muslims in America are now afraid to come out of their homes because of all us vicious, hate-filled American bigots.

The article is presented without any sort of critical assessment of the source whatsoever. It goes without saying that any counter argument to the outrageous claims made by CAIR is absent.

Let's start with CAIR. Rather than spend an hour linking all of the documented instances of CAIR's fraudulent hate crime claims and their shameless suppression of any criticism of Islam whatsoever, it's better to just Google up "CAIR jihad". The resulting plethora of documentation of CAIR's bias and support of terrorist organizations should make it obvious that SAEN writer Lisa Marie Gómez is either consciously acting as their spokesman or she has no access to the Internet.

Check out some of those links and then return to the SAEN article, where they describe CAIR:
CAIR is a non-profit civil rights and advocacy organization aimed at enhancing a general understanding of the Islamic perspective on issues to the American public.
Well, the SAEN certainly got that "Islamic perspective" part right!

Now that we've established the lack of credibility for CAIR, what about the claims in the article?
the number of reported cases last year spiked to 1,522 — a 49 percent increase over 2003. In 2002, 602 cases were reported... The report documented 141 instances of violence last year...compared to 93 cases in 2003 and 42 in 2002.
Statistics alert! "Reported cases"? 1,522 of them...but only 141 instances of violence. I suppose the other 1,381 reports were of non-Muslims cutting them off in traffic or something? Giving them a weird look on the street? Or, perhaps the 90% of reports which were nonviolent included a few of the fraudulent hate crimes so often claimed by groups such as CAIR?

There is an even bigger problem with the numbers themselves. According to the FBI's most recent (2003) hate crimes statistics,
The number of reported anti-Islamic crimes decreased from 155 in 2002 to 149 in 2003, a decrease of 0.4%.
So the numbers from CAIR are going up, and the numbers from the FBI are going down. Which do you believe? Before answering, be sure to check out the convenient online Hate Crime incident submission available at the CAIR web site.

The numbers spouted by CAIR and accepted by the SAEN in this article are about as valid as an online opinion poll. If the Express-News is going to paint their fellow Americans as ugly hate-filled bigots, can they at least get their numbers from a credible source?
You don't really expect the express-news to do any work do you?
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