Thursday, May 05, 2005


Global Freezing Is Coming!

Liberals often laugh because conservatives don't buy into all the hysteria over global warming. They are right, we don't, and here is a good reason why:
Two of the world's leading scientific journals have come under fire from researchers for refusing to publish papers which challenge fashionable wisdom over global warming.

A British authority on natural catastrophes who disputed whether climatologists really agree that the Earth is getting warmer because of human activity, says his work was rejected by the American publication, Science, on the flimsiest of grounds.

A separate team of climate scientists, which was regularly used by Science and the journal Nature to review papers on the progress of global warming, said it was dropped after attempting to publish its own research which raised doubts over the issue.

It seems pretty obvious that we haven't heard all sides on this issue, and that is why many conservatives don't buy into the idea of global warming. Liberals also have not heard all sides, but they have already made up their minds...what does that say about liberals?
Most scientists agree with Global warming and the scientists you mentioned were being ignored were paid by oil companies so they have a bias, hence why they disagree with almost everyone else.

The big mistake being done by
"liberal" earth people is that their entire premise is wrong. It's not the Earth we need to save, the earth would be barely be bothered with hotter temperatures, it will keep spinning.

It's US who we have to save, Humanity. If we don't curb the warming we will die. Cause we can't live in an environment any different than the current one. The Earth is fine but what happens to humans when the temperature reaches a certain degree??

The blogger of this site is totally irresponsible, he is probably getting paid by some republican crook. Buy the San Antonio Express a real newspaper and stop reading the garbage on this site.
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