Monday, May 02, 2005


It's Time To Move On...

Oy, another day, another story about Abu Ghraib in the SAEN. Today's story, on page 5A, reports that Lynndie England is going to plead guilty to some of the charges against her. A story about that actually wouldn't bother me because it is news, but the SAEN uses the opportunity like any good liberal attack dog to complain that no officers have been charged and that perhaps England did what she did because White House counsel Alberto Gonzales wrote a memo. Please, somebody want to try and convince me that Lynddie England actually read a memo written by the White House counsel? Indeed the SAEN reports that there are unnamed, unidentified "skeptics" that don't believe that the abuse at Abu Ghraib could have happened without higher-ups knowing. I see, so using unidentified, unnamed "skeptics" is what passes for good journalism these days? As the SAEN's own story goes on to point out, several investigations have found "no fault" with Rumsfeld or Lt. General Sanchez. If that is the case, the SAEN should report that and leave the mysterious "skeptics" out of the story.
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