Thursday, May 05, 2005


A New San Antonio Blog

I checked out a new blog today called Parrot Check. The blogger is named Duncan Avatar and he is currently stationed at Lackland AFB where he recently completed his training. He and his family will be moving to Oklahoma soon, but in the meantime Duncan is a proud member of the San Antonio blogging community. SAEN Watch thanks Duncan for his service to our country and wishes him all the best. Please take a little time and check out Parrot Talk for yourself, and be sure to view the powerful photo accompanying this post. I especially enjoyed his comments filed under "Terrorist Scum."

Yes Duncan, thank you for serving our country and God bless you.

Congratulations on finishing your training and good luck at your next post.

Jeff G.

I used to fly C-130's many, many years ago and I love that you call your site Parrot Check! Good luck brother!

Colonel J. Diaz, retired

May God bless you and keep you safe. Thanks you for serving the United States of America.

I went over to parrot check and viewed the picture you linked to. You are right Commando, it was very powerful and moving. It made me cry and thank God for our soldiers.
One of our greatest strengths as a nation is that we have men and women like Duncan who want to fight for us. That is why we will win and the terrorists will lose. Oh no, am I allowed to say terrorist(lol)?

Everyone, thanks for the comments and well wishes for Duncan; please keep them coming, and thanks for reading SAEN Watch. I will make sure that he gets them.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your support as do all of my brethren serving along side me. And Colonel Diaz, always glad to talk to another Herc driver. Commando, keep up the good work and hold SAEN's feet to the fire...
Great job Duncan, but I am sorry you have to go to Oklahoma!

T. Jefferies
T Jefferies,

Yeah, I really wanted to stay close to Texas, and I didn't want to go to Del Rio again, so I decided that Oklahoma would have to cut it. And besides, why doesn't Texas fall into the Gulf of Mexico...? OKLAHOMA SUCKS! YEAH! GO TEXAS A&M!! WHOOP!
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