Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Newsweek Blows It, Media Blame White House

This is so over the top it is almost hard to believe. Here is the opening paragraph of the front page story in today's SAEN about the Newsweek retraction:
Newsweek issued a formal retraction Monday...after the magazine came under increasingly sharp criticism from the White House, State Department and Pentagon.

That's right folks, the story wasn't retracted because it was false, but because the Administration forced it to. By choosing to report the story this way the MSM will only prevent the retraction from being excepted in the Muslim world. As AP is reporting, Pakistan is not accepting the retraction because it believes, and the American media is reporting, that it did so under pressure:
"Whatever magazine has done now is under pressure (from the U.S. government)," he said. "It has not denied what it has reported and many people freed from Guantanamo Bay have narrated the same thing."

You would have a hard time convincing me that the MSM didn't know this would happen when they chose this course of action.


Keith Olbermann of MSNBC goes one step further than just blaming the White House. He actually calls for the resignation of Scot McClellan because, you see, Newsweek was the victim of a big White House conspiracy:
The news organization turns to the administration for a denial. The administration says nothing. The news organization runs the story. The administration jumps on the necks of the news organization with both feet - or has its proxies do it for them.

That's beyond shameful. It's treasonous.

So Keith says that the White House acted treasonously because Newsweek reported a false story that got people killed. Huh? Only in America, people. Newsweek gets in trouble because it reports a rumor as fact, and Olbermann defends Newsweek with...a rumor.

The only real question left unanswered in my mind is: if photos exist of a Quran in a toilet would they qualify for an NEA grant?

Update #2:

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Update #3:

Jonah Goldberg is getting a strong public reaction to Olbermann:
"Wow. I suppose this shouldn't be surprise, but people really dislike the guy. I mean really dislike. Getting lots of (unprintable) email from people who make long -- but expletive laced -- arguments that he's a hack, a moron, a jerk etc. I'd hate paying him the compliment of revealing that some folks care about him so much. It almost makes him sound like a leftwing O'Reilly. Of course, the big difference is that lots of people watch O'Reilly."

If you actually want to read more about Keith then check out Olbermann Watch.
Media type whose Nielson numbers require a microscope to see tries to make a name for himself with anti-Bush inanities. Should we say that Olbermann is "doing a Lampley"? Or did Lampley "do an Olbermann"? Olbermann may actually believe what he's saying, but I suspect a big motiviation is that he's trying to drum up the audience he doesn't currently have by appealing to the tin-foil Left.
This sure as heck isn't going to help the media's approval ratings! It will be especially interesting to see how it affects Newsweek's circulation. Thanks for stopping by.

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