Friday, May 13, 2005


The Press Should Be Embarrassed

On page 4A of today's SAEN is a story about the nomination of John Bolton being voted out of committee, without recommendation. Considering that just a few weeks ago the media were saying the Bolton's nomination was on the verge of dying this has to be good news, right? Ha, don't bet on it:
The procedural move spared Bush outright defeat in the Republican-led panel but still represented an embarrassing set-back early in his second term.

Let' forget for the moment that calling the vote an "embarrassing set-back" is the reporter's opinion and does not belong in a news story. The fact is Bush won; no defeat and no embarrassment. The Bolton nomination will go to the floor and he will be confirmed, something left out of the SAEN's version of the story, but in the original:
It was not clear when Bolton's nomination would come to the Senate floor. Republicans hold a 55-44 majority, making confirmation likely.

In fact, considering everything the media and Senate Democrats did do torpedo the nomination I think you can say this is a win, albeit an ugly one, but a win nonetheless. Based on the way this story has been covered, the media are the ones who should be embarrassed.
Similarly, the usual liberal tripe from cartoonist John Branch depicts the foreign relations committee holding its nose as it hands over a stinking, fly-infested Bolton file to the Senate.

I guess the mess is from all of the unfounded slander and innuendo shoveled onto Bolton's head during the confirmation hearing by impotent, whining, irrelevant Democrats.
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