Sunday, May 08, 2005


Rivard: Anyone opposed to Castro is racist

I don't presume to have any special aptitude for local political analysis. But I will say that Carroll Schubert failed miserably. In the election, Schubert was far and away the only mayoral candidate to have any sort of credibility in regard to fiscal constraint. An anti-tax proposal passed by an astonishing 82%, yet Schubert was unable, somehow, to convince those voting in favor of that proposal that he was the best candidate for fiscal responsibility at City Hall. Pathetic.

So now we face a runoff featuring an immature creature of the unions and social activists against an elderly personal injury lawyer...both of them long time, hard core Democrats.

Thank God for term limits.

This morning's SAEN coverage would not have been complete without an offensive swipe from Bob Rivard.
Throughout the campaign there was talk in the Anglo community about how important it was to avoid another young Hispanic mayor, as if it were a new flu strain. There have been plenty of Anglo officeholders who came up short, yet who ever argues that the city needs to avoid electing another Anglo?
This claim that Anglos who opposed Castro are racists is as ignorant as it is insulting. The operative term is "young". If there had been a succession of young Anglo failures as mayors, as there has been with Cisneros and Garza, the same opposition would have developed against the possibility of yet another immature mayor. Similarly, if a young Anglo had been running for mayor, the same "Anglo community" would have been just as concerned with that candidate as they were with Castro.

Rivard's racemongering is contemptible. To imagine that such a person is the editor of the only major newspaper in San Antonio...
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