Tuesday, May 10, 2005


SAEN publishes editorial cartoon...on page 3A

Not, online, so far as I can find, but on today's page 3A - the purported "news" section - an amazing graphic accompanies an article on the judicial filibuster situation.

It shows drawings of the seven judges being filibustered (can you tell Janice Rogers Brown is black?). The text under each judge provides the Democrats' rationale for opposing their nomination to the bench.

That's all.

No rebuttal. No response to the partisan assertions of Harry "Bush is a loser" Reid and friends. Not even a reminder that each of the judges has been deemed fully qualified by the American Bar Association.

There are times when the liberal bias of the SAEN is so transparent as to leave me slack-jawed. This is one of those times.
Whoa there Mark. Janice Brown is not black. There are no black Republicans.

There are no black Republicans

That's right, I forgot they shed their true nature when they escape the Democrat plantation...gotta keep them Uncle Tom's off the federal bench, that's for sure!
It's hard to take you seriously sometimes, Commando, especially when you refer to an artist's sketch as an "editorial cartoon." Surrely, you know the difference.

And the text accompanying the sketch appropriately details why Dems object to these nominees. That is the point of the text (and the article). Given that these 6-10 nominees are the only ones Dems are objecting too, the newspaper is telling readers the basis for their objections. The point is not to critique these objections or offer rebuttals, but to explain to readers why Dems oppose them. You want the counter argument presented; that's not for this diagram to do.
You want the counter argument presented; that's not for this diagram to do.

I can find no more eloquent testament to the bias of the Express-News than yours, Gregg.

But, in the event that, you know, the Express-News actually DID want to present an argument to counter that of the Dems'...where would they put it?

Because I certainly don't see it.
To be as clear as possible, Mark: the point of the article and the diagram is not to lay out the pros and cons on the nominees. It's to detail the opposition. The Repub argument has been clearly articulated throughout the coverage--qualified nominees, waiting years for a vote.
I did not write this, Mark did, and of course we know what an editorial cartoon is, Mark was being sarcastic.
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