Friday, May 06, 2005


SAEN Trend: Good Times for Liberals?

The SAEN seems to obtain the majority of its national and international news from the Associated Press. I suppose AP is about as objective a source as we can hope for from the mainstream media (I know, I know, but it could be worse: it could be Reuters!) That's not to say that this blog has not documented the means by which the Express-News selectively distorts, positions and edits the AP text to slant the news to meet its agenda.

But now we are seeing a more disturbing trend. The latest Bob Rivard editorial attack against our effort in Iraq, critiqued here by Commando this morning, has a most disturbing byline: "NEW YORK TIMES". So now, we are seeing front page articles in our local newspaper from one of the most liberal media sources in the nation. Does anyone really expect Rivard to run an article straight from, say, the Washington Times some day?

Speaking of Times, there is an even more disturbing byline on today's page 3A: "LOS ANGELES TIMES". If the New York Times still pretends to objectivity, the LA Times is completely unabashed in its advocacy of the liberal agenda. Just look at the headline on that article: "Ex-DeLay cronies made millions on Pacific deal". "Cronies"? Is it possible for Bob Rivard to be ignorant of the negative connotation behind such a term? It's almost superfluous to point out that the article discusses only DeLay's alleged second-hand association with the "deal", and makes no mention of the two Democratic Congressmen who personally visited the islands around the same time, at the expense of the same people - they didn't even send their "cronies"!

This new trend of regurgitating "news" articles from biased sources seems to signal a new and even deeper disregard by the SAEN for the views of the majority of its San Antonio readers.
You JUST NOW noticed that they use the New York Times news service??? (Snicker)
You might want to start looking at the bylines more often. They have used the NYTimes service for years and years. Same with the LA Times, the Washington Post, Knight Ridder, and many more.
It seems to be more flagrant now, though. Easier to republish the bias straight from the source instead of having to work at skewing it, I suppose...
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