Wednesday, May 11, 2005


SAEN Won't Report Reid Story

Despite appearing on the SAEN's website, the story about Senator Reid's ill-advised words has failed to make the cut into the print edition:
After accusing President Bush of lying about his role in a fight over judicial filibusters, Sen. Harry Reid last week called the president a "loser." And Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan? He's a "political hack," according to the formerly soft-spoken Nevada Democrat.

Reid returned to the Senate floor Monday with a more conciliatory tone and what he called "a gesture of goodwill," calling for the first time for the confirmation of one of Bush's appeals court nominees that Democrats blocked in the last Congress.

"Let's try cooperation, rather than confrontation," Reid said on the Senate floor. "I would hope that we can let bygones be bygones."

Commando: "Gee, could there be any reason the SAEN wouldn't want to report this?

You: "Gosh, maybe if Reid was Tom DeLay they'd run with it."

Commando: "Yep, that sounds about right."


Mike Thomas asks what stories should the SAEN taken out of the A section of the paper in order to make room for this important story. First let me just say: "Geesh Mike, you don't have to be so mean about it. All you have to do is ask." Second, here are my picks for stories that don't need to be in the front page section of today's paper:
1. On page 4A of today's paper is yet another update about the Michael Jackson trial. I am not sure that this belongs in the paper at all, but perhaps they could move it to the S.A. Life section of the paper where it belongs.

2. The next story that can be cut from the A section of today's paper is on page 10A "Spamalot spoof takes the cake on Tony nominations." Again, perhaps this more properly belongs in the SA Life.

Instead of just carping about it, why don't you tell us which story from today's A section you would have bumped to make room for the Reid non-story and why. That would be more interesting.
Sorry, I was picking at you but I didn't intend to be mean about it.
As for the Michael Jackson story, I wholeheartedly agree! Unfortunately, I think realistically we would be voted down by the majority of the SAEN readers who need their daily fix of celebrity scandal news.

As for Spamalot, normally I would agree that a story about Broadway plays should go to the Arts section, however this is announcing the Tony nominees and that tends to be newsier - like when they announce the nominees for the Oscars or the Grammys - those stories always go in the A section initially.
I know you were not trying to be mean, I was just giving you a hard time! You're a good guy...for a liberal. Ha! I am glad to see that we agree that the M.J. trial reporting needs to be stopped, and now, before anyone else gets hurt. I think the Reid story is news because he is the leader of the Democrats in the Senate. Do I think it is a big deal that he said what he said? Not reall, but it was unfortunate and a momentary lack of class, and it deserves to be reported. I would hold this opinion if a Republican said this about a Democratic president. I also believe, as I have said before, that if Tom DeLay called Harry Reid or former President Clinton a loser it would be news (and another momentary lack of class). And the SAEN must think it is news as well because it's on their website; however, their refusal to put it in print is distrubing to me.
One other thing, if the SAEN wants to waste time reporting on the Jackson muck they are free to do so, but I think it belongs in the pages of the S.A. Life where people who are interested in celebrity scandal can find it easily and among the rest of the celebrity tripe. Using up space in the A section is, in my humble opinion, a disservice to the readers of the Express-News.
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